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Sporting Youth Magazine: Pat Riley on "Finding Your Path"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:13 AM, under , , , ,

Athens, GA (Nov 27, 2007) - I am humbled that I get to share page space with Miami Heat Coach Pat Riley in the December/January 2008 issue of Sporting Youth Magazine. Of course he has never met me, and except for this posting, no one would know that I wrote the sidebar for the cover story he wrote, "Find Your Individual Path to Greatness".

In this article, Riley writes about how complicated the word "greatness" really is, and the importance of teamwork and leadership to accomplish one's goals. Most importantly, he points out that youth will have many opportunities in their lives to achieve greatness, so long as they have the right guide to find their path and reach for the opportunities when presented.

Sporting Youth Magazine was founded by Athens resident and Long Island native Maureen Bevillard (pictured right). She wanted to publish this magazine as a resource to help young people to get involved in physical activities and exercise. The mission statement of the magazine is simple and straightforward: "Get today’s youth moving and provide a positive resource to help them do it!"

Ms. Bevillard has been tireless in using her energy, drive and shy New York personality( ;-) ) to make this magazine a reality. She has engaged many people in the community for this effort, and has had sports personalities such as John Wooden and Herschel Walker write for the magazine. So when she writes in the current issue that "Many people asked, 'How did you get Pat Riley to write for your magazine?'", I know the answer is simple. This woman is driven by her passion and commitment to young people.

Take a look at the Sporting Youth web site, and download the PDF of the current issue to share with your children and friends. You will be glad you did.

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