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Tuesday, December 4, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 1:53 PM, under

Sean McManus, President, CBS Sports

headshot_SeanMcManusSean McManus was named President, CBS Sports, in November 1996 and President, CBS News, in October 2005. He is only the second person to hold both Division titles simultaneously; Roone Arledge held both at ABC from 1977-86...


Ken Aagaard,
Senior Vice President, Operations & Production Services

Ken Aagaard joined CBS Sports as Senior Vice President, Operations & Production Services, in January 1998. He is responsible for overseeing operations, engineering and production management for all field events and the CBS Broadcast Center...


Mike Aresco,
Vice President, Programming

Michael L. Aresco joined CBS Sports as Vice President, Programming, in August 1996. He is responsible for managing the division's college sports properties, including contract negotiations and future acquisitions for the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, regular season college basketball and football and bowl games.


LeslieAnne Wade,
Vice President, Communications

LeslieAnne Wade has served as Vice President, Communications, CBS Sports since May 1998. In her position, she oversees the total media relations effort at CBS Sports including all corporate and trade communications.


Rob Correa,
Vice President, Programming

Rob Correa joined CBS Sports as Vice President, Programming, in September. He is responsible for managing the division's acquisitions, scheduling and strategic planning for the NFL, golf, tennis, auto racing, winter sports, anthology programs, specials and other new sports programming.


Arthur Harris, Vice President, Broadcast Operations
Arthur Harris began his career with the CBS Television Network in 1966. Harris joined CBS Sports in 1982 as Manager, Broadcast Operations and Administration, and was named Vice President, Broadcast Operations, CBS Sports, in March 2000.


Harold Bryant, Coordinating Producer
Harold Bryant serves as coordinating producer for CBS Sports overseeing content and quality control for all sports programming on the CBS Television Network.

Bryant, a five-time Emmy Award winner, joined CBS Sports as a Feature Producer/Associate Producer in June 1997.


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