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Fact Sheet: The Big Ten Network

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 6:10 PM, under , ,

Athens, GA (Dec 4, 2007) - The Big Ten Network launched this year and carried the best game that nobody saw: the Appalachian State University upset of Michigan. This is the fact sheet for the Big Ten Network as published by that organization.


  • Agreement: 20-Year joint venture between subsidiaries of the Big Ten Conference and Fox Cable Networks.
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Ill.
  • Launch date/time: August 30, 2007, 8:00 PM ET
  • Sports televised: Football, men's basketball, women's basketball and other NCAA-sponsored sports
  • Programming: More than 400 live events, original programming, historic footage and classic games; coaches' shows; up to 60 hours per year of original programming from each institution
  • Distribution: The Big Ten Network has signed national agreements with DIRECTV and AT&T U-VERSE in addition to more than 75 agreements with smaller cable providers. Each of these contracts call for the network to be carried on basic packages ensuring broad distribution. The network is currently in negotiations with all other cable and satellite companies to provide Big Ten programming on basic tiers within the Big Ten's eight-state footprint; outside the footprint, the network is open to distribution on digital tiers. Select content will be distributed through alternative media platforms including the Internet, iPods, cell phones and other emerging technologies.

LIVE EVENTS: The network will televise more than 400 live events during its first year. Almost all of the network's programming will be available in high definition.


  • Each Big Ten football team will make 3-6 appearances on the Big Ten Network this fall
  • Each football team is guaranteed to make at least two appearances on the network per year and one of them will be a conference game
  • In all, the network will televise 38 football games in 2007
  • 35 of the 38 will be televised in high-definition

Men's Basketball

  • Each Big Ten men's basketball team will make 15-20 appearances on the Big Ten Network each winter
  • In all, the network will televise approximately 125 regular season men's basketball
  • The network will carry approximately 65 conference match-ups
  • Three Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament games will be carried on the network

Women's Basketball

  • In all, the network will televise at least 55 regular season games
  • Nine of the Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament games will be carried on the network

NCAA-Sponsored Sports

  • The Big Ten Network will carry a combined total of at least 170 NCAA-sponsored events like hockey, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, swimming and diving, etc

OTHER PROGRAMMING: The Big Ten Network will go beyond the games and bring fans closer to their teams than ever before

Big Ten Tonight Bringing the viewer Big Ten highlights, analysis, features, historical segments, interviews and breaking news, Big Ten Tonight has unprecedented access that will set it apart from all other sports highlight shows. No other show has a mini-studio at each campus, providing Big Ten Tonight with interviews with coaches and players every evening. Hosted by Dave Revsine and offering lively segments mixed with features honoring the conference's illustrious history, Big Ten Tonight will spend an hour each evening delving into Big Ten athletics, making Big Ten Tonight the only destination for Big Ten fans.

Friday Night Tailgate Airing every Friday at 8:00pm ET, Friday Night Tailgate lets viewers catch all the passion and fervor when Big Ten campuses come alive as players, students, fans, and faculty get ready for Saturday's game. Capping a week of in-depth football analysis, FNT will use the studio as well as our campus presence to provide an unparalleled look at the next day's games, as well as the excitement and anticipation that surround Friday night.

Host Mike Hall will talk to members of the media as well as to our reporters at the various campuses. Adding a lighter note to the program, FNT will feature a weekly competition between two Big Ten schools to see which has the better atmosphere and traditions on football weekends. By the end of the football season, FNT will crown the one university with the best campus football experience.

Blending X's & O's with a humorous look at what it's like to be on campus the night before the big game, Friday Night Tailgate delivers the true Big Ten Football weekend experience.

Big Ten Extra Points Are you an Ohio State fan who missed that great Illinois at Iowa game? Perhaps you were too busy watching Indiana play Michigan State to notice the game between Penn State and Wisconsin. Well, now you can catch up on all of the scoring from Saturday's Big Ten games. Big Ten Extra Points will showcase every touchdown, field goal, extra point and safety as well as the big plays that led to getting these points on the board. Tune in Mondays at 7:00pm ET to see all the scoring you missed on Saturday.

Coaches' Q&A While you were at work on Monday or Tuesday afternoon, your favorite Big Ten Team's Head Coach was busy letting the media know what happened this past Saturday, and how his team planned to defeat this week's opponent. Coaches' Q&A will take the best sound bites from these press conferences and boil them down into an insightful 60-minute weekly program. Airing Wednesdays at 7:00pm ET, Coaches' Q&A lets the Head Coaches do the talking.

The Big Ten's Greatest Games They are epic sports battles that are etched in your heart and mind. They are unforgettable moments that stir passion and pride. They are echoes of both triumphant victories and devastating defeats. Throughout the fall, you will have the opportunity to relive 24 of those match-ups on the Big Ten Network series, "The Big Ten's Greatest Games." Series producers have interviewed many legendary players and coaches from those games along with those who were on hand to cover the event. Their insight and memories will be integrated into each episode.

Big Ten Football Saturday As a Big Ten football fan, your entire week revolves around game day and Big Ten Football Saturday provides wall-to-wall coverage. The day starts with the one-hour Pre-Game show as Dave Revsine, Gerry DiNardo and Howard Griffith discuss the keys to the day's games. The studio team will send viewers to the stadium for the much-anticipated game. The Post-Game show follows with the highlights, in-depth analysis that only the Big Ten Network can provide. Once all the games have ended and the dust has cleared, Revsine, DiNardo and Griffith return for The Finale to wrap up the entire day.

The Big Ten Women's Show Airing Mondays at 7:30pm ET, the Big Ten Women's Show is dedicated to showcasing the best of Big Ten women's athletics. For 30 minutes, viewers will see highlights, previews, analysis and features dedicated only to the female athletes and the coaches, administrators and university staffs comprising the world of Big Ten Women's athletics. The Big Ten Conference has been a pioneer in promoting and recognizing women's athletics, and the Big Ten Network continues that tradition, not just with this program but with the promise that the Big Ten Network will offer event equality on all its platforms within three years of its launch.

Big Ten Short Stories For every touchdown pass, goal, dunk, spike, kick-save, pin or home run you see on the screen, there is an untold story about the people who made these memorable plays possible. Going behind the scenes and beyond the highlight reels, Big Ten Short Stories will bring you features on the people and places that make the Big Ten Conference so special. Whether it's a feature on an amazing student-athlete, an iconic retired coach, or a fabled football stadium, this is the show that will tell the story.

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