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Fact Sheet: Raycom Sports

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Athens, GA (Dec 10, 2007) - This is a fact sheet about Raycom Sports as published by the company. For disclosure purposes, As of December 1, 2007, The Cayuga Group, LLC, publisher of "Eye on Sports Media", receives compensation from Raycom Sports for televison production support services.

From its beginning in 1979, Raycom Sports has been a leader in marketing, producing and distributing sports programming. The company has since broadened its interests to include the creation, management and distribution of special events.

Raycom Sports has earned a reputation of being one of the nation's finest independent sports producers. At its busiest, the company televised more than 500 events a year in college basketball, college football, coaches shows and preseason specials. Altogether, Raycom offers 20 years of production and distribution experience, including more than 10,000 live sporting events.

In a joint venture with Jefferson-Pilot Sports, Raycom Sports has owned the rights to Atlantic Coast Conference men's basketball games since 1981. Together, the two companies produce, distribute and market ACC games throughout the country. It was announced in late 1999 that a ten-year extension with the ACC was reached by Raycom/JP, securing the rights until the 2011 season.

In August, 1997, Raycom Sports launched a new one-of-a-kind weekly syndicated show, "More Than A Game," hosted by Olympic Gold Medalist and U.S. Women’s World Cup star Brandi Chastain. The show enjoyed four successful seasons on the air while televised in 48of the top 50 markets and 127 stations overall.

In late 1998, Raycom Sports joined forces with Major League Baseball to syndicate a television special, "The Record Breakers." In 1999, the company distributed additional programs including "The Sports Edge" and a second MLB special, "Generation of Heroes."

Due to Raycom Sports' vast network of television station contacts, the company is often tabbed to distribute programming for outside entities. Programs distributed include the Arizona Cardinals’ and Washington Redskins' pre-season packages, BB&T Children's Classic, John Wooden Classic, CIAA Basketball and HBO's "Journey of the African-American Athlete."

Sports events Raycom Sports owns and operates throughout the country include The Continental Tire Bowl in Charlotte; Alabama’s Mobile LPGA Tournament of Champions presented by The Mitchell Company and The Longs Drugs Challenge in Sacramento.

A joint venture with Raycom Sports, Jefferson-Pilot Sports and the Atlantic Coast Conference led to the creation of ACC Properties, which assists in marketing and promoting the ACC's corporate mark.

The company has also marketed made-for-television events for a variety of entities, including the Toyota Gator Bowl and the Cotton Bowl for Liberty Sports, Phoenix Communications' NBC News Satellite and Golf 2000 with Peter Jacobsen.

Raycom Sports has also achieved a high level of success marketing title sponsorships, including the matching of Tostitos to the Fiesta Bowl, AFLAC and Electrolux to LPGA tournaments, Micron Electronics to a bowl game, DIRECTV to the Great Eight, and Pepsi and Food Lion to a college basketball tournament.

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