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Portfolio's Allan Kreda: NFL Network Motto Should Be "Make Them Pay"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:27 PM, under , , , ,

Athens, GA (Dec 4, 2007) - Conde Nast Portfolio Sports Blogger Allan Kreda, in a posting about several thousand Comcast customers canceling their Sports Tier package right after last week's Green-Bay Dallas game, says that the National Football League (NFL) motto should be "Make Them Pay":

Comcast saw several thousand subscribers cancel their digital sports tier subscriptions in the days after NFL Network's telecast of the Cowboys-Packers game, reports the Sports Business Journal, citing a cable source who has seen the numbers.

Comcast has about one million subscribers nationally for the tier. Some reports suggested that fans were buying the tier before the game, then canceling it immediately afterwards, costing the subscribers a couple of dollars.

That's a likely scenario. Comcast won't care. Neither will the NFL, which has to be collectively beaming over the huge (relative) ratings for last Thursday's Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers showdown...Once again proving the NFL is king no matter where and when the games are played. This will just be more fodder for the league to continue pushing its brazen money-grab with cable operators.

"Make them pay,'' should be the league motto.

And this battle is not only limited to NFL Games, which is pushing its teams to encourage fans to switch to satellite. The NFL Network is televising two college bowl games this year, and fans of those schools who have cable will be left in the dark as well.


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