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Sports Reporter Profile: Ed Sherman, Chicago Tribune

Friday, December 28, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:44 AM, under , ,

Editors Note: Ed Sherman is a sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune that covers golf and sports media. This is his profile as posted on the Chicago Tribune web site.

I always said if the over-the-top move led to the ideal golf swing, they would be writing about me on the PGA Tour. Unfortunately, I've never shed that killer fault, so I am a golf writer instead. I've played poorly since the age of 12, but I still love the game--most of the time, at least. I learned to play at Chick Evans Golf Course. After attending the University of Illinois, I joined the Tribune in 1981.

I've covered a variety of sports at the Tribune, ranging from high school girls volleyball to the White Sox to covering the Bears run to the Super Bowl in 1985. I took over the golf beat in 1997. Thinking I could establish my credentials right away, I explained why Tiger Woods wouldn't win the Masters in his first major as a pro. One epic title later, I wrote, "Tiger won't tame Augusta" was the worst headline in the Tribune since "Dewey defeats Truman."

Thankfully, things improved since my first tournament. I have seen many memorable moments at majors and Ryder Cups. Woods makes it a great ride. I have an inside the ropes look at his run to history. My wife, Ilene, puts up with my obsessive passion for golf and the White Sox. I've already introduced the game to my sons, Matthew and Sammy. Hopefully, they'll forgive me.

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