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Unexpected Sights at Wake Forest - UGA Men's Basketball Game

Saturday, December 8, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 2:43 PM, under , , , ,

FLUGA2005_22Athens, GA (Dec 7, 2007) - What do sportscasters do on their days off? If they are like Larry Conley (pictured left from a January 2006 game), they are watching a basketball game live. Larry Conley has to cover a December 30, 2007 Wake Forest game against Air Force (2:00 PM EST, FSNS/FSN-FL/NESN), so he is here to scout the game live in preparation. Dan Bonner, in noting Conley's presence at the game on the air, says "With as many games as Larry has worked over the years, it is not often he just gets to watch a game (even though he is working in a sense)."

Another face at the game is
Mike Stamus, Georgia Tech's Associate Director of Sports Information.

Photograph Copyright 2006 by Christopher Byrne/Eye on Sports Media. All Rights Reserved.

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