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Live Blogging From Georgia Tech vs. Georgia (Men's Hoops)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 7:29 PM, under , , , , , ,

Athens, GA (Jan 9, 2008) - Of course Eye on Sports Media will stay within the NCAA rules for live blogging. It will be very simple. I am sitting here at the official stats position for Comcast/CSS and will only post things that have nothing to do with the game being played. Plus, there is the all-important work for TV that needs to get done first.

First observations...Georgia tries to do a basketball version of the Dawg Walk, which is part of what makes Georgia Football game days so much fun. It does not work. Nor does UGA Coach Dennis Felton taking fan questions 15 minutes before game time. Oh, and the NBA style stuff they do with spotlights, funky lights, and Las Vegas glitz is not what college basketball should be. All UGA needs to do is fuel a decent team. That is why I like games at tech better. Old school basketball start to finish.

Tip-off..time to work...

First TV Time-Out...former UAB Sports Information Director and New Orleans Saints webmaster Chris Pika is working talent stats for Comcast/CSS. Chris recently relocated back to Atlanta, and is coming off a week where he worked on the media relations staff at the Sugar Bowl and BCS Championship game. Chris also has a blog he writes for WNST AM back in Baltimore.

Back to action...

Sorry I was gone so long. Wireless connection went down. 2nd Half starting now...this game is so ugly. Overheard in the media men's room: "They won't be sending this tape to Springfield." Overheard in the press room: "They NIT called. They don't want either team."...had a brief conversation with former UGA Athletic Director and football coaching legend Vince Dooley, who is recovering from vocal chord cancer. He told me that he just saw the doctor today and got a clean report...back to work.

First called timeout of 2nd half becomes a full timeout in college hoops. Looking at play sheet to see last GA Tech lead...seems like forever. Back to game

Another TV timeout at 11:58 of the second half. TV timeouts occur at the first break in action after 16, 12 8 and 4 minutes in each half. Before the game, I had a good conversation with GA Tech Associate Director of Communications Mike Stamus. More on that later....back to play.

Last TV Time out...Ga Tech assistant basketball lost his Sharpie for the time out board, so a student assistant was sent scurrying for one...they really need it, being down 6 points with 3:58 left...back to play.

The game is mercifully over. Georgia wins 79-72 and improves to 9-4 heading into SEC play. Tech falls to 7-7. In the post game handshakes, UGA Assistant and former Navy Coach Pete Hermann not only shakes the Tech players hands, he hugs them. Who says men from Buffalo don't hug?

Back to Mike Stamus. I finally got to ask him why he was at the Wake Forest - Georgia game last month. The reason is quite simple. His new boss, Dean Buchan, came to tech from Wake and he wanted to see the game. So Mike, being the all-around good guy that he is, drove him up for the game.

That's it from here. Its time to head home and finish up some other work.

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