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Rick Majerus Needs A More Creative News Distraction So the Media Will Understand

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:38 AM, under

Wow, to be Rick Majerus today. First he had to survive the media-focused embarrassment associated with the St. Louis Billikens scoring only 20 points in a game against George Washington. Now he made the mistake of saying he supports abortion rights, angering the Archbishop of St. Louis. The media is reporting that Archbishop Raymond Burke is calling on the school to discipline him for his comments, which are in opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

But there is a point that the media is missing, and do not seem to understand. They are correct in mentioning that St. Louis is a Jesuit university. So they assume that means they will automatically follow the instructions of the Church hierarchy. Ah, they have missed an important piece here. The Jesuits, often referred to as "The Pope's Army", are the most intellectual order of priests in the Roman Catholic Church. As such, they are often at odds with the Archbishops. For an great example, you can read about the controversy when the Jesuits of Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown brought a highwire act in for a homily.

So it might be interesting to see how the Jesuits of St. Louis respond to Archbishop Burke's demands for discipline. Meanwhile, Coach Majerus might want to find a more creative news distraction.

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