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ESPN Provides A Response to Reader Inquiry

Friday, February 29, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:15 PM, under , ,

Athens, GA (Feb 29, 2008) - Last week, Eye on Sports Media posted a reader email about some big errors in the ESPN broadcast of the UConn - USF game. The reader wanted to know:

So who calls Gleason and the production crew on this one?

Just curious...

Feedback would be appreciated.

As promised as part of the response to this question, Eye on Sports Media forwarded the complaint and a link to the post on here to ESPN. Michael Humes of ESPN, who works with the media on college basketball issues, wrote back:

I checked in with our producers on this... your response was pretty much right... there was some miscommunication and graphic errors...

We do not know what corrective actions will be taken to minimize the chance of errors in the future. But ESPN did take the time to acknowledge and research the error. That means the producer and director know that somebody watching the game noticed.

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