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Reader E-Mail: A Suggestion for the Site

Thursday, February 7, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:38 PM, under ,

Athens, GA (Feb 7, 2008) - We at Eye on Sports Media (EOSM) like to share reader e-mail we receive for investigation, comment and/or discussion (anonymized unless we have the sender's permission). We received this email today:

Stumbled upon the blog off of a Google Alert and love the site. It is a great idea and glad you are taking the time and effort to do this. As a former sports writer who now works on the other side, it's always good to learn about people in the industry.

One of the suggestions I have: a tab that tracks who is where. I know there are thousands and thousands of sports writer and broadcasters. For example, I just saw where Darren Rovell left ESPN for CNBC. I always thought Darren did a great job with his business stories but no clue he left the World Wide Leader. Just a thought.

Keep up the great work.

Ryan Yanoshak
Athletic Communications
United States Military Academy


Thanks for the note. We actually view this site as an online publication with a blog element. This will become more apparant as we migrate to a new web platform and design.

Your suggestion is actually one of our goals, and we are adding executive, talent, production staff, and writers profiles as we go along. With sportswriters it is hard because, frankly, many of them view sites like this with disdain. There are many who do like the site and we will be adding profiles as they become available. As you are a former sportswriter turned SID, your profile will be added next.

As you have found out, Darren Rovell is now the sports business reporter with CNBC and he maintains a blog on their site. Next Tuesday night (Feb 12, 2008) at 10:00 PM EST, CNBC will be airing Swoosh: Inside Nike, his documentary looking at Nike from the inside. We have been exchanging e-mails with Darren and will be interviewing him about this project soon.

Thanks for your e-mail and we invite other readers to send us your questions and comments!

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