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The Sun Came Out and The Game Was Still No Fun to Watch

Saturday, February 2, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 3:25 PM, under , , ,

Athens, GA (Feb 2, 2008) - The sun did come out today and the game is over. Kentucky won on the road for the first time this year. Georgia lost for the first time at home this year. There were at least a couple of thousand empty seats, many that could be seen on television. We could see a couple of shots of Blake Giles, former sports editor of the Athens Banner-Herald and current stringer for the AP, filling his usual role of timeout coordinator for the broadcast network.

And as much as he tried, Kevin Harlan could not dress this sow up to anything more than it was: a boring, lackluster game with a few moments of excitement. You know people are hurting for a compelling story to tell when they talk about other teams than the two playing. It was not until there was less than two minutes left in the game that they explained why all of the coaches were wearing sneakers today (for cancer awareness). They never explained why students were all wearing red t-shirts with the number 21 (I am going to have to ask Georgia assistant SID Tim Hix about that).

Hopefully, Harlan and Clark Kellogg get a better game next Sunday when Indiana visits Ohio State. I will not know as I will be flying to San Antonio.

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