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Georgia Bulldogs Having Best Tournament Run That No One Gets To See?

Saturday, March 15, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:06 PM, under ,

Athens, GA (Mar 15, 2008) - There is only one word to describe the 3 day run the University of Georgia Bulldogs are having in the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Unbelieveable!

Never before in the modern era of college basketball has a team one two playoff games in one day. But tonight, the 6th seeded Bulldogs, a team that finished dead last in the SEC East Division with a 4-11 record, did just that. With an irony that can only truly be appreciated by members of the so-called Bulldog Nation, Georgia defeated Missiissippi State 64-60 to advance to the SEC Championship game tomorrow against Arkansas. Yes, Arkansas, a team they defeated earlier this season by a score of 82-69.

Coming into the SEC Tournament, Georgia Coach Dennis Felton was clearly on the hot seat, sweating out if he would return as coach of the Bulldogs next season. SO at the end of the game, he had a smile on his face that showed that some of the pressure was off. It was the same type of smile that I told Felton's wife was a welcome site to see earlier this season, after a big victory.

So it is too bad that the SEC does not have a contract with ESPN or any other national network for live broadcasts of the entire tournament. If people did not have access to any of the affiliates on the Raycom Network, or access to, they have missed some incredible play by the outmatched Georgia team. Who knew that Albert Jackson of Georgia would actually show up to play three consecutive games with 110% effort? Who knew that Senior David Bliss would sink the game winning shot in overtime against Ole Miss? Who knew that Freshman Zac Swansey would hit the game winning shot against Kentucky, and seal the deal against Mississippi State?

Well, Coach Dennis Felton probably knew this in his heart, and he was all set to sit down with Raycom's Dave Neal after the game to talk about it:

and as they started to talk...ESPN360 went to black...

Win or lose tomorrow, the rest of the country will get to see this Georgia team, a team that has played through a lot of adversity this season and with huge heart this week. The game will be on ESPN2 at 3:30 for those who live in the Atlanta and Fayetville, Arkansas markets. Those markets will see the game on their local CBS affiliate.

Me? I will miss the game and probably the selection show because I have a more pressing engagement: seeing my daughter on stage in a local production of Peter Pan. She will always win over a game. So someone tell me how it ends, OK?

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