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Talent Profile: Mike Harris, CBC Curling Color Analyst

Sunday, April 6, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:50 PM, under ,

Mike Harris is a Canadian curling star and a color analyst for CBC coverage of the sport. This is is profile as published on the World Curling Tour web site. Last updated April 6, 2008.

Mike Harris rose to stardom during the 1997 Canadian Curling Trials, which qualified his rink for the 1998 Winters Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Harris skipped the team of Richard Hart, Collin Mitchell and George Karrys to the Silver Medal, losing only one game in the round-robin before dropping the gold medal final against the Swiss team skipped by Patrick Hürlimann.

Harris continues to curl competitively, and is now also a curling commentator for the CBC and a golf professional, at Donalda Country Club in Toronto.

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