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Idaho State Sports Information Director Blogged The Depth Chart First

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:34 AM, under ,

Athens, GA (Aug 27, 2008) - Idaho State University Sports Information Director Frank Mercogliano has a blog called The Bengal Blog. It looks like he launched it in July of this year. And in the true spirit of people who wonder if anybody is really reading what is posted, he tried an experiment last Friday. He posted the football team's depth chart on the blog before releasing it anywhere else:

Let's see who really pays attention to this blog... because I'm debuting the depth chart here first....this will be in the release on Monday, but savvy folks who like my blog get a freebie....see you on the radio today at 4:00 pm. Sorry for not formatting this, but I'm in sort of a rush...well enjoy.

It is interesting to see a SID writing is own blog. It is also unlikely that this would happen at a school with a larger athletic program, but who knows. It will be fun to watch and see how it evolves.

Thanks to J Bates at 1350 KTIK for sharing this link on his site!

Photograph courtesy of Idaho State University.

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  1. Holy crap I'm famous! Well.....not really. I'm curious to see how it evolves too actually. I'm always up for ideas, which is why I now have our radio announcers posting some of their thoughts and things.

    I'm a fairly irreverent guy, and I love the new media potential of things. I have done podcasts with One Bronco Nation Under God, and I enjoy the blogging community for the most part. I mostly use it for links and quirky things that don't fit in a webpage, and I have the blessings of my boss for it, which helps.

    And to say it wouldn't happen at a bigger school I think is wrong...I would definately want to try it out as a bigger school...just because more folks would see it probably.

    Anyways, I'm always open for advice, and thanks for noticing (and yes, we credentialed a blog site at our last football home game)


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