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We Would Like to Get Our Medals, But Our Plane Is Leaving

Friday, August 22, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 8:00 AM, under

Athens, GA (Aug 22, 2008) - At the 1996 Olympic Games, the futbol medal ceremony was a team short. A whole team was missing. The Bronze-medal winning Brazilian team, citing "unchangeable" travel plans, skipped out on the medal ceremony. Of course one had to wonder and ask what would have happened to their travel plans if they had qualified for the Gold medal game and their plane was leaving. Well FIFA, the futbol governing body, knew the answer and Brazil was dropped to the bottom of the good sport rankings for the Games because of their poor sportsmanship in this case.

Now Brazil is up 2-0 on Belgium in the bronze medal game, With 17 minutes or so left, they will likely win the game. But it is not for the gold medal and the Brazilians hate to lose. So I wonder if they will once again have "unchangeable" travel plans?

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