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I Will Be Reporting From The Predators/Ducks Game Tonight

Friday, November 14, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 6:16 PM, under , ,

Costa Mesa (Nov 14, 2008) - I grew up on minor league hockey and have never had much of an affinity for the National Hockey League. Until today, I have never been to a NHL game. That will change tonight as the Anaheim Ducks have graciously granted me a media credential for tonight's game against the Nashville Predators. I will report on the game looking not at the game itself, but on the difference in feel between a NHL game and a minor league game, and the difference in sitting in press row at a hockey game and at other sports contests.

Live blogging is not, I believe, allowed. I will find out what constraints I will have when I get to the Pond later. Face-off is at 7:05 pm Pacific time.

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