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NCAA Mock Selection Session For Media Taking Place Now

Friday, February 13, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:34 AM, under ,

Athens, GA (Feb 13, 2009) - Gathered in Indianapolis, a select group of media representatives, conference representatives, and others are gathered. Their purpose? To sit through and participate in a mock selection session for the 2009 NCAA Men's Division I basketball tournament.

Participating in the current mock selection session are the following individuals:

Greg Anthony, CBS Sports

Rob Carolla, Big 12

Dan Dakich, 1070 The Fan

Dave Furst, WRTV

Stephen Haug, Atlantic 10 Conference

Dave Hirsch, Pac-10

Jeremiah Johnson, Fox 59

Melissa Kristofak, Sun Belt Conference

Kim Melcher, Mountain West Conference

Brian Morrison, Atlantic Coast Conference

John Paquette, Big East

Craig Pinkerton, Southeastern Conference

LaTonya Sadler, Big Ten

Steve Scheer, CBS Sports

Mike Villamor, Big West Conference

Eddie White, 1070 The Fan

Chris Widlic, WISH-TV

Dave Revsine, Big Ten Network

Paul Cordell, Big Ten Network

Interestingly, there are no print reporters on this list. It is not known if they participated in an earlier session or not. What is clear, is that there is not a large mainstream media representation in the above pool.

You can follow a live blog of this mock selection session over on Unfortunately, they do not offer a RSS feed or a Twitter feed for this blog. More on that later.

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