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Final Seven Open Qualifiers for Athens Regional Foundation Classic Set

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 5:20 PM, under , , , ,

Athens, GA (Apr 15, 2009) - After two plus days of rain, delays and play, they have finished playing at Chicopee Woods Golf Course in Gainesville, GA. Following a 15-man playoff for the last 4 spots in the field, the following players have qualified to play in this week's Nationwide Tour Athens Regional Foundation Classic.

1 Tyler Leon -10 F 62
2 Ted Oh -8 F 64
3 Ted Smith -6 F 66
T4 Ned Michaels -5 F 67
T4 Josh McCumber -5 F 67
T4 Matthew Rosenfeld -5 F 67
T4 Stephen Barron -5 F 67
Eliminated in Playoff
T8 Alex Hamilton -5 F 67
T8 Vince Covello -5 F 67
T8 Colin Biles -5 F 67
T8 Derek Busby -5 F 67
T8 Adam Short -5 F 67
T8 Kyle Dobbs -5 F 67
T8 Erik Justesen -5 F 67
T8 Andre Stolz -5 F 67
T8 Jeff Corr -5 F 67
T8 Jonathan Watson -5 F 67
18 Kelly Grunewald -4 F 68

One name that jumps out in the qualifiers is Josh McCumber, nephew of 10-time PGA Tour winner Mark McCumber. He played in last year's Athens Regional Foundation Classic, but missed the cut. In fact he missed the cut in 15 of 25 starts last year.

These seven playeres will join the seven qualifiers from Achasta Golf Glub in this weeks tournament. Unfortunately, none of the 14 will be able to get a practice round in because of the weather-imposed delays.

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