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Photo Gallery: Is Matt Stafford Worth $70 Million?

Saturday, April 25, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 8:18 PM, under , , , ,

I said this when I first saw the news that UGA Quarterback Matt Stafford declared for the NFL draft, and I will say it again now. I do not think is is ready for the NFL, and I do not think he will be the savior of the Detroit Lions. I hope I am wrong, but only time will tell. After all, who do i think I am? Mel Kiper, Jr?

Of course, with a contract worth up to $70 million in his pocket, I do not think it really matters, does it?

Here are some pictures I took of Stafford over the past couple of years.

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Posted April 25, 2009

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  1. sanford says:

    I guess you are worth what some one is willing to pay you. But if the question is he worth more than Payton Manning or Tom Brady the answer is no. The Lions will be set way back if Stafford is a bust.

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