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Across the Pond, Is It TomAYto or TomAHto for Golf?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 4:16 PM, under , , ,

For years I grew up watching that little golf tournament across the pond on ABC Sports. I always knew it as the British Open. Somewhere along the way, people started referring to it by it's proper name, "The Open Championship."

Of course in or day to day speech, we all call it the British Open because that is what we all know it as. But when it comes to branding respect, should not official professional golf organizations respectfully refer to it by its proper name, as shown here in this logo from the tournament web site?

After all, they did invent the game, right?

Well the PGA Tour had a little misstep on their Facebook page yesterday and referred to it as "The British Open."

Discussion ensued, included some very narrow-minded Americans who think the golf world begins and ends at Augusta.

Thankfully, the PGA Tour fixed their error later in the day.

So what say you? Was it disrespectful for the PGA Tour to call it the British Open?

Posted July 15, 2009

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