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"Project Blackstone" Getting Off the Ground

Friday, July 10, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 12:35 PM, under

NOTE: We have been informed that we have inadvertently assigned an internal project name that infringed on a trademarked product/service of Management Outsourcing LLC. As such, we are changing the project name to Project Blackstone. This is an internal working name only and will not be the final product name. In addition, this product does not bear any form or functionality of their product.

Update posted August 13, 2009.

A lot has been going on behind the scenes here at The Cayuga Group, LLC, the company that publishes Eye on Sports Media and The Business Controls Caddy. One of these, I am pleased to announce, is "Project Playbook." "Project Blackstone.

I will not be going into details, but we are very excited about its development. What I will say is that from feedback we are receiving, it is positioned to be a potential "game changer" for college sports information directors and staff by bringing efficiencies and scale to their day to day operations, while reducing their operating costs.

We did a prototype demo for a Sports Information Director yesterday, and not only was his feedback very positive, but he has agreed to work with us in further developing the project by having his office be an early adopter/tester for it. He does not know it yet, but this means he will get it free when it goes into production.

As we make more information available, it will be posted here.

Posted July 10, 2009

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