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This One Sure Beats the Non-Catholic Pope Cutline

Monday, August 17, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 2:07 PM, under

Many years ago, the Athens Banner-Herald (ABH) made history and had readers rolling their eyes with a photo cutline that touted the papal election of John Paul II that read "Election of a non-Catholic cardinal to the papacy was signaled Monday." Of course what they meant to say was he was the first non-Italian.

Well the folks in the ABH sports section, through their headline writer/copy editor have topped that with an (unintentionally?) humorous headline about probable University of Georgia starting quarterback Joe Cox that reads (at least online) "Cox deserves happy ending to UGA story."

I will not got further into it, but some people will get the bathroom humor. I am sure Jay Leno would have fun with it.