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Washington Post Publishes Secret Redskins Correspondence

Monday, August 3, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 12:49 PM, under ,

It may not have the impact of The Pentagon Papers or even Watergate. But the Washington Post Magazine has published secret correspondence of the Washington Redskins.

OK. so the correspondence is over 50 years old. But the Washington Post Magazine cover story article, The Secret Letters of the Washington Redskins, is an interesting, albeit cursory, insight into the lives of an owner, coach, and players of the era.

Writers and long-time Redskins fans Samu Qurwshi and Valerie Grissom assembled the article that includes a $5,000 contract offrer to the undrafted John Packo, letters from the great Sammy Baugh to his wife Mona (Edmonia), arguments about salary increases, and answers to frequently asked questions for players.

Rules for when players smoke? You have to love the end of this section:


Ash-trays are plentiful in your rooms. Be sure to use them ... not the floor. Remember: It's somebody's mother or wife who has to clean up. (emphasis added)

You have to register on the Washington Post site to read the full article, and the newspaper asks too many required questions as part of the process. So just make something up, like you are an 80-year old female from Alaska that owns a 10,000 person company.

If you are willing to register, you can then read the article on the Post web site.

Posted August 3, 2009

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