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Washington Redskins Fan Getting Paid to Cover His Love

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Talking New Media at the Washington Redskins Training Camp: The Dream Job of a Lifetime
This last spring, there was a contest run by Bleacher Report and The prize for 32 lucky people? The chance to work as embedded reporters for a specific team, going as far as the team does in the play-offs. Ed Sheahin, a professional photographer by day, talks to us about how this "opportunity of a lifetime" came his way via Facebook.

Ashburn, VA (Aug 7, 2009) - Standing behind the red "do not cross" lines in the end zone of the Washington Redskins practice field in Ashburn, Ed Sheahin does not particularly stand out from others in the area. Well except for the fact is is not lugging a mini-cam, holding a microphone, or scribbling down notes on a pad of paper.

But every 9-10 minutes, you see him pull out a Blackberry and click away on the keypad. But he is not Twittering at 14o characters a pop. He is submitting a 40 words or less "RadidReport" for And he is getting paid a modest (a very modest sum) for his efforts.

"I am forever grateful to Bleacher Report and CBS Sports for giving me this experience of a lifetime. If they only knew that I would have paid THEM to do it!"

Ed Sheahin, Rapid Reporter

"This past spring I saw an ad on Facebook from Bleacher Report," said Sheahin, a lifelong Washington Redskins fan from Frederick County, Maryland who has only missed one game in 30 years. "They were advertising a contest where 32 to people would be selected, one for each team, to cover the team from training camp through to the Super Bowl if the team makes it that far."

"I did not know if it was real, given all the fake and deceptive ads I have seen on Facebook," said Sheahin. "So I took a chance and through my hat in the ring."

And so did about 2,800 other people. The professional photographer thought he was a longshot at best when he entered.

"It was late in June when out of the blue I got a call from CBS," Sheahin continued. "We talked on the phone and had a really good conversation. I think the fact that I knew the Redskins so well really helped me win the spot."

Once selected, Sheahin began the training for the job that required him to post 40 words or less every ten minutes. pays him $400 a week and provides the Blackberry he uses for the job.

"There is one editor I work with that is responsible for the NFC East and the AFC East," Sheahin said. "So it is important to be as clear and consise as possible to make his job easier."

Sheahin hopes that the Redskins do go all the way to the Super Bowl. Even if they don't, he will not be disappointed because of the opportunity he has been given.

"The team has been fabulous with me, and Coach Zorn has treated me just great," Sheahin concluded. "I am forever grateful to Bleacher Report and CBS Sports for giving me this experience of a lifetime. If they only knew that I would have paid THEM to do it!"

2009 Network of RapidReports Correspondents on

The 2009 Network of RapidReports Correspondents on
is a mix of veteran sports journalists combined with some of the best new writers on the Internet coming from the Bleacher Report community. The network of RapidReports correspondents include Bob Gretz who has over 30 years experience covering the Kansas City Chiefs as well as Jason Butt, a 2009 graduate of the University of Georgia who will be covering the Atlanta Falcons.

AFC South

AFC North

AFC East

AFC West

Tennessee: Aldrin Brown

Pittsburgh: Brian Carson

Miami: Jeff Shain

San Diego: Tom Krasovic

Indianapolis: John Oehser

Baltimore: Jon Gallo

New England: William Bendetson

Denver: Aaron Lopez

Houston: Jim McCurdy

Cincinnati: Josh Katzowitz

N.Y. Jets: Lisa Zimmerman

Oakland: Eric Gilmore

Jacksonville: Jim Nasella

Cleveland: Martin Gitlin

Buffalo: Mark Ludwiczak

Kansas City: Bob Gretz

NFC South

NFC North

NFC East

NFC West

Carolina: Steve Reed

Minnesota: Darren Wolfson

N.Y. Giants: Alex Raskin

Arizona: Craig Morgan

Atlanta: Jason Butt

Chicago: Gene Chamberlain

Philadelphia: Kevin Noonan

San Francisco: Michael Erler

Tampa Bay: Carter Gaddis

Green Bay: Gerrard Diaz

Dallas: Bryan Broaddus

Seattle: Matt Rybaltowski

New Orleans: Larry Holder

Detroit: Jimmy Trombley

Washington: Ed Sheahin

St. Louis: Cameron Hollway

Source: CBS Sports

Photograph Copyright 2009 by Eye on Sports Media/The Cayuga Group, LLC.
All Rights Reserved.

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