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Will Calcium Cal Sit Back and Laugh Today?

Thursday, August 20, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 8:31 AM, under , , , ,

You cannot call University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari "Teflon" Cal, like they called Don Gotti "Teflon Don." That is because the clouds around his former programs do not seem to have the opportunity to try and stick to him.

So as the University of Memphis waits to hear what the NCAA is going to dump on them today, Calipari can just sit back and chuckle that nothing has hot him again (or at least maybe). So why not call him "Calcium Cal?"

Why "Calcium Cal?"

Calipari is tough as nails. He is smooth, he flows easily, his heart never seems to skip a beat, and he never seems to be weakened when his former employers get slapped by the NCAA. When UMass got hit, he had moved on up the ladder to the University of Memphis. Now that it looks like Memphis is going to get hit, he has moved up the food chain to the University if Kentucky (UK).

And just look at his winning smile. He could sell a used car to someone who lives on an island with no roads. He could still drive millions in sales for Dr. Kilmer's swamp root.

Nothing seems to break his veneer.

Some say that UK may have really made a deal with a devil in replacing Billy Gillespie. But with the devil, the bill always comes do at some point.

So what is the coach thinking today? Will Calcium Cal just sit back and laugh?

Here is the report from Dana O'Neil at ESPN:

Posted August 20, 2009

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