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One Reason Musburger May Have Been Quoting Blue Oyster Cult

Sunday, September 27, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 5:42 PM, under ,

Apparently, Brent Musburger was quoting some Blue Oyster Cult songs during last night's telecast of Iowa's come from behind 21-10 upset of number 5 Penn State IN HAPPY VALLEY.

And you may be asking yourself why would he be doing that? What affinity does he have for the band? And why would he be having fun on the air when Steve Lavin isn't with him?

Well, according to one of his older friends and colleagues, who posted an "inside tip" to Facebook last night, Musburger used to be across the street neighbors of the Cult's bass player.

Don't worry, even though Widespread Panic's bass player Dave Schools used to live around the corner from me, I won't be quoting Panic songs on this site. Not because they aren't good, but Panic is a band best taken in live, not in writing. Then you can really jam!

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