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An Open Letter to A.J. Daulerio and the Staff at Deadspin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:07 PM, under ,

Dear A.J.,

Do you mind if I call you A.J.? I have a bunch of other names I would like to call you right now, but as a wise Jesuit priest once said in a homily, they just would not be appropriate for this forum.

I was pretty impressed when you all seemed to show some care and concern for Jim Nantz and his family last week. I could not believe those words were appearing in a Deadspin piece. I thought, wow maybe these guys are trying to clean their act up. It seemed to gel with what I heard you said at Blogs with Balls 2.0 last week, that you wanted to do some serious original journalism on the site.

Well damn it all to hell if you did not blow that illusion out of the water this morning and throughout the day with your vicious, undocumented by fact attacks on specific people at ESPN, and ESPN itself.

Sure, the Steve Phillips story was news. But you just could not stop there, could you? Do you have some personal beef with ESPN that justified your attacks on other people, people with families and children that you have succeeded in embarrassing and causing more pain to than they are going through or deserve?

I am not a lawyer, and neither are you. But I do know that there are numerous legal reasons why personnel matters cannot be discussed publicly. That is not balking or stonewalling on the part of ESPN, and it is not a reason to do what you did today.

It is sad that you had to stoop to this level. Oh sure, your stories got lots of hits, hits that sites like mine and others that try to do things above board would kill for.

Well guess what A.J.? I can live with the traffic we get, because at least I can look at my children with a straight face and say I did the right thing. Do you think you could do that now? Do you think you would want to, or could, face the families of the people you hurt today? I hope not, otherwise I have zero respect for you as a human being.

Best regards,


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