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Photo Gallery: Citizens Bank Park from Futuradosmil

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:14 AM, under , , , ,

Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love. Do you know why it is called this name? I did not until recently. It is not because they want us to feel all warm and gushy when we visit there. And if you have ever been lost in South Philly at night in the winter, you do not feel warm and gushy for sure.

The moniker "City of Brotherly Love" comes the Greek meaning of Phildelphia: Φιλαδέλφεια, pronounced [pʰilaˈdelpʰeːa], Modern Greek: [filaˈðɛlfia], "brotherly love" from φίλος, (philos, love), and αδελφός (adelphos, brother). (see Wikipedia)

So if you are ever in a spelling bee and get Philadelphia as a word, you now know the language of origin and meaning. OK, chances are you are not going to be in a spelling bee anytime soon. So you can save this one for trivia night at the local tavern.

A gentleman who goes by the name of Futuradosmil spent his 2008 summer vacation touring major league baseball parks, documenting the visits in pictures. He graciously offered to share them on here.

This is his set from Citizens Bank Park in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can see his full collection called "Cathedrals of The Game" over on Flickr.

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