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The Side of Jim Nantz Rarely Seen: The Divorce

Monday, October 19, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 2:56 PM, under

I would never have guessed that Jum Nantz's home life was anything less than idyllic after reading "Always By My Side." Everything sounded so perfect in his life except for the death of his father. But his divorce trial became public information and sadly it has been reported in the Stamford Advocate.

Here is an interesting excerpt from the article:

"In 2004, I got the Man of the Year award from the New York Athletic Club. Rudy Giuliani had been the previous year's winner and it really meant a lot to me," he said, his eyes welling with tears. "My mother flew in from Houston, but Lorrie wasn't there." Nantz said he was given an oil portrait of himself at the dinner, but Lorrie wouldn't let him hang it in their Westport home.

I don't know that I would have cited Rudy Giuliani in a divorce proceeding, but this case shows a stark reality. Television sports is a hard life, and all the travel takes a toll on relationships and family.

I do not know if this explains why Nantz has been largely absent from golf on CBS this year, but I do hope they do the right thing for their daughter.

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