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Upon Further Review, SEC Officials Blew It

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:01 AM, under

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Upon further review of the video evidence, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) has admitted that it blew it with the unsportsmanlike conduct call against University of Georgia Receiver A.J. Green in last Saturday's game against LSU.

Here is the play that resulted in the bad flag:

Although it can never be established with objective evidence, that blown call was a significant factor that allowed LSU to score the winning touchdown.

As reported in a story by Marc Weiszer in the Athens-Banner Herald:

"My sense of it is that the official reacted to what he saw, he didn't make this up," [Southeastern Conference coordinator of officials Rogers] Redding said after reviewing video. "He reacted to what he saw, but on the other hand the video that we looked at does not support the call that was made on the field."...

"There are times when the camera moves away from the players but what we saw and when the flag came out, we've determined that the video - which was taken from a different perspective than the official had - doesn't support what the official called," Redding said...

"We move on," Redding said. "This is a teachable moment for us to let the officials know to remind them of the rule and remind them of their responsibility to make good judgments. This is always going to be a judgment call just like pass interference is a judgment call or holding or roughing the passer or offsides or anything else."
So the SEC officials are tap-dancing on this, saying "oops we are sorry." But you know a call is bad when fans of the opposing school say the call was bogus in on-line discussion fora, and when a Georgia Tech grad like Stewart Cink reportedly tweets from the game on what a bad call it was.

Note: The image of the referee above is NOT from the game in question.

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