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Tiger Hunting Making Good Sport for Media (and Everyone Else) This Week

Sunday, November 29, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 1:34 PM, under ,

Oh boy. Tiger Woods has had a really rough week. First he gets booed at a Stanford game. Then he get a masthead headline in the National Enquirer accusing him of an extramarital affair. The week ends, sort of, with a very bizarre car accident. When the news "broke" 12 hours after the incident, many sites (including this one) threw up the headline of Tiger Woods being "seriously injured."

Of course, none of us thought to parse the words being reported. To do it well, we need a couple of new definitions. So here we go.

Seriously injured - may not really mean that he was injured in in the crash. It may mean that his"supermodel" wife did a number on him with a 3 iron and that he felt he had to run for his life for the first time. Nothing hurts more than a male ego wounded.

"Supermodel" wife - I loved this one when I read it. Yes his wife is an eye-catcher. But supermodels don't work as nannies for professional golfers. They walk the runways. Then again, she was the nanny for Jesper Parnevik, and Parnevik does employ a former PGA Tour player as his caddy. Oh wait, "Last Call" Lance Ten Broek beat his employer at this years Valero Open. So maybe "not so super" would be more appropriate.

I heard a story a couple of year's ago from a person that was in the scorer's room at at tournament a few years ago. Tiger was in there after a not-so-good round and was not pleased. His last words to Steve Williams as he got up to leave were "let's get the f*** out of here."

The Tiger veneer is getting very thin and cracked this year. He has been publicly criticized for his on-course behavior. He has tried to manage and protect his image. This week now shows how he is now fair game and people don't need to be big game hunters to try and bag this Tiger. It is happening, and sports scribes are saying that his stone silence is causing more harm for his image than good.

But as Mike Bamberger writes, will it really matter in the long run? Or do we just have the salacious headline of the week.

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