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Yes, Sports Media Blogs Can Save YOU Big Money and Feed Your Cats!

Monday, November 30, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:17 AM, under

There are so many blogs out there, some good and some bad. In the sports media arena, there are a few independent publications that are very good and the owners/publishers of those sites work very hard for little or no money. What little money there is to be made comes from ad revenue from Google ads and other ad networks on the sites. Of course, they only make money with Google  if people click on the ads. For this to happen the ads need to be relevant to visitors wants or desires.

An ad on Keith Thibault's Sports Media Journal not only caught my eye, it saved me over 45% on cat food for my children's cats for the next year!. How could this be? The well-timed answer is one that would make consumer advocate Clark Howard very happy. Actually, it would probably make him giddy

For people that do not own cats, it may seem bizarre that I would be writing about this. But for those of us that put up with them for the sake of our children, we know that Purina Cat Chow is NEVER on sale. Well except for this week as Publix Supermarkets is selling the dry food at 28% off. That in itself is a pretty good deal.

By happenstance, I was visiting the Sports Media Journal the other day and there was a banner ad for $2.50 off of a bag of Purina Cat Chow. Given that I, like others, are looking to stretch a dollar as far as I can in this horrid economy, I immediately clicked on the ad and was taken to the page with the coupon. To my delight, it was a stackable coupon, which means that it could be used in conjunction with existing sales prices. So of course I took advantage of this great deal and bought enough food for the next year (saving a boatload of money in the process), and albeit in a small way, helped support the hard work Keith puts into his site.

This last point is really what is important here. If you are visiting a site like Keith's Sports Media Journal or Ken Fang's Fang's Bites, don't be put off by the ads. They, and others, put a lot of effort into their work for little if no tangible return. While on the sites, you may see an ad or two that is actually relevant to your needs or desires. So why not see what is being offered by the advertisers, save yourself some money, and support their great work?

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