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Must Watch Video: Sports Media Conflict Before Lane Kiffin's Presser at Tennessee (Updated)

Friday, January 15, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 5:25 PM, under , ,

If you want a peek at some of the drama and conflict that went on before the start of Lane Kiffin's "farewell" press conference at Tennessee, then you must watch this video on from YouTube. Unfortunately, embedding was disabled so we can only link you to the video.

As reported on SBNation, "In short: the old guy is UT’s Sports information guy Bud Ford, the producer arguing with him is from WBIR-10 in Knoxville, the on-camera guy for WBIR-10 is Jim Wogan, and the guy who looks like he’s seconds away from killing himself with irritation is Chris Low of ESPN. They all appear to be arguing about whether to agree to Lane Kiffin’s terms of no live coverage, and it’s way, way more interesting than it deserves to be."

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