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Media Has Nicer Lounge Than Players at Nationwide Tour Event

Monday, April 26, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 2:47 PM, under ,

Looking out at the University of Georgia Course media center from the Stadion Athens Classic at UGA, it is easy to say that this Nationwide Tour event, now in its fifth year year in Athens, has to some extent taken a step up from its previous incarnation at Jennings Mill Country Club. The golf course is far superior. The tournament, now "owned" by the University of Georgia, is not suffering the financial burdens of bankruptcy that the former host course. And for sports media covering this event, we should have no complaints as we have better facilities than the players.

When the announcement was made last fall that the event would move to the UGA Golf Course from Jennings Mill Country Club, some of the immediate questions surrounded the lack of a full size clubhouse and the ability to provide adequate space for the players, staff, and volunteers for the event. There was talk of putting the media in a tent.

Well a tent has been put up, but not for the media. It is the player's lounge:

They have moved couches from the UGA team lounge and moved them inside the tent:

Since the picture has been taken, a television has been put in an technicians have been struggling to get the cable connection working.

And where have they put the media? Thankfully, we have been put into the UGA Team Lounge:

Which has this view of the course:

The players and media get equal when it comes time for meals, as the media will eat in the same place as the players and their families:

Why does the media get the better "digs?" For practical purposes it is all about logistics. Not only is service being provided for print and online media. There has to be space for the radio stations to do their live remotes, some of which will be aired lived on WNEG-TV as well.

Joe Chemycz, media relations rep for the Nationwide Tour, has just gotten in, so time to talk to him for a bit.

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