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Fact Sheet: ESPN HD

Monday, November 26, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:04 PM, under , ,

Launched: ESPN HD, a high-definition simulcast service of ESPN, launched on March 30, 2003 with ESPN’s first Major League Baseball game of the season, Texas at Anaheim.

: Over two million and growing. ESPN’s industry-leading sports programming is a great match for the clarity and widescreen format of high-definition television. With the opening of ESPN’s Digital Center, over 400 games will be originally produced in HD in 2005.

: 720 progressive scan.

Fast facts
: biggest HD commitment in sports; first 24-hour sports service; widest variety in sports; high profile events like MLB, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Women’s Basketball Final Four, College World Series; best collection of sports assets; high-end production; significant investment in facility, trucks and equipment; compelling viewing experience; supports affiliates’ rollout of HD; offers quality environment for advertisers; provides content to drive consumer demand of HDTV.

Source: ESPN Networks

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