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Host Profile: Michael Wilbon

Monday, November 26, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 7:32 PM, under , , , , , , ,

Athens, GA (Nov 26, 2007) - Yes, I do like him much better than Tony Kornheiser, but wish he would not be so shy on the air. Here is Michael Wilbon's profile as published by the ESPN Networks:

Michael Wilbon, a pioneer of sports columnists who have successfully crossed mediums into the field of television, is an original co-host for ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption which debuted on September 22, 2001. The fast paced sports talk show features in-depth debate on various topics between Wilbon and co-host Tony Kornheiser, and has become one of ESPN’s most watched shows.

Wilbon joined The Washington Post in 1980 as a general assignment sports reporter, and since 1990 has been as a full time sports columnist. He has covered a wide variety of sports, including professional soccer, college football and basketball, Major League Baseball, the NFL, and NBA. Since 1984 Wilbon has been part of The Washington Post’s Olympics coverage. As a columnist, he offers commentary on the national issues of the day as they relate to sports.

In 2001, the Society of Professional Journalists named Wilbon the top sports columnist of the year. Wilbon has been among the top three national sports columnists selected by the Associated Press Sports Editors three times.

Wilbon also appears on ESPN’s Sports Reporters, and has been on ESPN’s NFL Monday Night Countdown, WRC-TV’s “Redskin Report, and Full Court Press on NBC’s Washington affiliate.

Wilbon Photograph Courtesy of the ESPN Networks.

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