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Life In the truck: A behind-the-scenes look at a live game telecast

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 8:58 AM, under , , , , ,

Athens, GA (Nov 13, 2007) - In an article by Cory McCartney of, readers learn what goes on behind the scenes of a televised sports production. In this article he writes about a Raycom/Lincoln Financial Sports Production of a Georgia Tech football game in Atlanta.

Dave Neal and Dave Rowe of Lincoln Financial Sports
Lincoln Financial Sports Announcers Dave Neal (left) and Dave Rowe
review player information before kickoff of a 2006 SEC telecast.
Photograph Copyright 2007 by Christopher Byrne. All Rights Reserved.

This paragraph from the article nicely some up what can best be described as "organized chaos":

We've come to take the magic of delivering the game into our homes and favorite sports bars for granted. Sitting inside the Raycom/Lincoln Financial production truck, though, you quickly understand that turning the madness that takes place on and around the field into a seamless program is all about adaptation for the sake of continuity.

All in all, it is a very good article and worth a read.

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