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Was ESPN's Colin Cowherd Correct About Sean Taylor?

Saturday, December 1, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 4:55 PM, under , , , , ,

Atlanta, GA (Dev 1, 2007) - Apparently, as much as people have blasted Colin Cowherd (including this publication), it seems he may have been right in how he characterized the shooting and subsequent death of Washington Redskin Safety Sean Taylor. Even though the police in Miami are calling the incident a random act, a source close to the National Football League told "Eye on Sports Media" today that it was, in fact, retribution for an earlier incident.

So somewhere in there is the truth, and hopefully it will come out as this story unfolds. For now, while Colin Cowherd's sense of timing may have been off, it sounds like he was spot on in his commentary and reporting. But will the National Football League come forward with the information they know?

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