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Political Contributions by People in Sports Media

Thursday, December 6, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:52 AM, under

Athens, GA (Dec 6, 2007) - With the upcoming presidential primary season in the United States, have you ever wondered who in the sports media industry is making political contributions, and to who/where the contributions are going. According to NEWSMEAT, here are some of the top contributing figures in Sports Media since 1978, as of December 5, 2007:

Dick Ebersol $89,80076%1%23%
George Bodenheimer$56,86024%17%59%
Vin Scully$10,6000%100%0%
Chris Berman$7,749100%0%0%
Jerome Bettis$7,00036%29%35%
Lou Holtz $6,80012%88%0%
Cris Collinsworth$6,5000%100%0%
Jon Miller$6,000100%0%0%
Joe Theismann$5,20081%19%0%
Jim Courier $5,00660%5%35%
Ron Jaworski$5,00050%50%0%
Jim Nantz$5,00040%60%0%
Pat Summerall$3,5000%100%0%
Jim Lampley$2,52571%0%29%
Tom Hammond$2,000100%0%0%
Al Michaels$2,0000%100%0%
Don Criqui $1,7000%100%0%
Digger Phelps $1,250100%0%0%
Dan Dierdorf$1,2000%100%0%
Mike Francesa $1,0000%100%0%
Steve Young$1,0000%100%0%
Lee Corso$680100%0%0%
Chris Evert$5000%100%0%
Bob Griese$500100%0%0%
Tim McCarver$5000%100%0%
Armen Keteyian$250100%0%0%

The full list for all sports personalities is available over on NewsMeat.

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