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Arrogance Catches Up To Niagara Purple Eagles

Friday, January 11, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:23 PM, under ,

Athens, GA (Jan 11, 2008) - Last night, when writing about the growing arrogance that seems to be surrounding the Niagara University men's basketball team, I said

...if the team does not deliver after all this over the top hype, they will have accomplished nothing. They will just remember the games that could have been in the gymnasium they call the "Legendary" Gallagher Center.

Sure enough, in front of a national television audience on ESPNU, Niagara (10-4, 4-1 MAAC) took it on the chin from Siena College (9-6, 4-1 MAAC), losing at home 94-84. Perhaps the first clue that the team would be knocked off of its self-created pedestal was Athletic Director Ed McLaughlin (pictured left) quoting Winston Churchill and how history was waiting to be written at Niagara. Even more disturbing is the point in his article, when asking people to come to the game, where he wrote:

If you are a Buffalo or Niagara Falls resident, and you're not on the phone for 17 minutes giving a pharmacy order to trainer Brian McNamee, you cannot afford to miss this game.

So I would just like to offer a suggestion to Niagara University President Rev. Joseph Levesque, C.M.:

Father Levesque, it is time for you to remind Mr.
McLaughlin and the rest of the Athletic Department that a Niagara education is supposed to be based on humble service to others in the Vincentian tradition. It is not supposed to be based on arrogance and cracks about illegal drug use in other sports. As an alumus, it is embarrassing, and enough is enough.

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