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The Golf Channel Suspends Kelly Tilghman for On-Air Remarks...A Few Days Too late

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:24 PM, under , , , ,

Athens, GA (Jan 9, 2008) - There is a simple rule anyone i the public eye should follow: think before you speak. Kelly Tilghman of The Golf Channel did not. The utter stupidity of what she said to Nick Faldo about Tiger Woods has her in hot water. The Golf Channel has now suspended her for two weeks, effective immediately. Of course, this did not happen until Al Sharpton jumped in and demanded that she be fired.

Kelly Tilghman on the set with Nick Faldo.

The Golf Channel has issued the following statement:
The GOLF CHANNEL regrets the poorly chosen remarks made by Kelly Tilghman on a recent broadcast and, again, extends our apologies to anyone who was offended.

There is simply no place on our network for offensive language like this.

While we believe that Kelly's choice of words were inadvertent and that she did not intend them in an offensive manner, the words were hurtful and grossly inappropriate.

Consequently, we have decided to suspend Kelly for two weeks, effective immediately.

The sad thing is that Tiger Woods, through his agent, has said there he had no problem with it, as she immediately apologized and it was not intentional. The only problem is that it does not matter if Tiger does not have a problem with it. I watched the video and was dumbstruck when I heard her say it. No matter the intention, the black community will hear this statement from the rich, white girl who went to Duke. and they will, and should be offended.

Should she be fired? No. Should she be suspended? Absolutely, and The Golf Channel should not have waited until Al Sharpton got involved and opened his hypocritical mouth. It is a concept called pre-emptive damage control. Now we will have to wait for what Jesse Jackson will have to say about it.

Of course, with Roger Clemens pulling out of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic next week, no one will be able to talk about her comments and his alleged steroid use during the tournament.

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