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Super Bowl XLII Flip-Card A Vital Low-Tech Tool

Saturday, February 2, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 6:45 PM, under

Athens, GA (Feb 2, 2008) - One of the most important, yet decidedly low-tech tools used in college and professional broadcast booths and production trucks is the "flip card". It is a two-sided card showing three-deeps for each team, rosters by name, and rosters by number. Its most important use is for special teams plays. This is because most players on special teams do not appear on the spotter's chart, and there is a need to identify them quickly at times. Having the flip-card available does not doom a broadcast, but not having one can make a broadcast production rough. Here are some excerpts of the Super Bowl XLII flip card.

Super Bowl XLII Flip Card (Side A)

Team roster by jersey number

Team three-deeps.

Super Bowl XLII Game Officials

Super Bowl XLII Flip Card (Side B)

Team roster by last name.

More detailed roster information.

Coaching staff information

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