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Bryant Gumbel Out at NFL Network, Who Will Take His Place?

Friday, April 11, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:23 PM, under , ,

Athens, GA (Apr 11, 2008) - The news has been out for a little bit now. Bryant Gumbel is out as lead play-by-play at the NFL Network.

National Football League fans and others who love the game are letting out a collective sigh of relief. In fact, the collective sigh is so large that Al Gore has weighed in with his concern over its contribution to global warming and climate change.

Now the NFL Network has the chance to get someone in the job that knows how to do the job. So why not just give the job to Tom Hammond (pictured left)? He did a great job filling in last season when Gumbel was sick. The broadcast was much more watchable with Hammond calling it and he fit well with Chris Collinsworth. So why not just give him the job permanently? Sure, conflicts with Notre Dame Football, if any, on NBC Sports would have to be worked out, But who else would be a better fit for the short-season NFL schedule?

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