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ESPN Radio's Erik Kuselias Needs A Geography Lesson

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:15 AM, under , ,

Athens, GA (Aug 13, 2008) - Who would of thought that a substitute for Colin Cowherd would want you begging for Cowherd to finish his vacation? Well Erik Kuselias (pictured left) pulled it off this morning. Here was a man, who probably knows the name of every professional sports team, and every athlete on those teams, but had no idea that Mali is a country! A man broadcasting on the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" not knowing basic geography!

In the interest of enlightenment, Mr. Kuselias has many resources to find out more about our world neighbors. Since the ESPN Olympic web site does not list the countries participating, he can go to the official Olympic Games web site and look them up. There he can find out their Olympic history. Once he does that, he can go to the U.S. State Department Website to find out more about each country, including Mali.

At least he knows how to drive a Segway.

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