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Update on Bill Pidto's Departure From ESPN

Friday, August 15, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:08 AM, under ,

Athens, GA (Aug 15, 2008) - The other day we reported that Bill Pidto, a 15-year mainstay at ESPN, is no longer with the network. I caught up with Bill today and we talked about it a little bit.

EOSM: When did you leave ESPN and why did you leave?

BP: My last broadcast was at the end of June. It was really just time to move on. I had been there 15 years, and I had a lot of great experiences. You reach a point where there is not much more you can do and you have to move on if you want to grow. I had a great run and the people there are fantastic and I loved working with them.

EOSM: What is next for you?

BP: I am not sure. I am exploring different options.

Bill then turned the tables on me a bit. We had worked together at the Mizlou Sports News Network (SNN) back in the early 1990's, and we touched on that.

BP: Didn't Bill Schwain have the great idea and the right model? SNN was what ESPNews is today.

EOSM: It was the right model, just at the wrong time. Combined with the financial troubles they had, it was a tough uphill climb. Seeing as it died 5-6 months after relocating to New Jersey from Virginia, I am glad I turned down the offer to go to Jersey.

BP: It is too bad they just could not have held on. Who knows what it would have been today if they had survived.

EOSM: True, but given some of the stories I had heard about mismanagement after the move to New Jersey, perhaps it was not meant to be.

So that is the update on Bill Pidto. Eye on Sports Media wishes Bill well as he moves on to new challenges and opportunities.

Photograph courtesy of ESPN.

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  1. mdemaio says:

    I, too, was an SNNer. Unfortunately, I made the move to NJ. Those were ugly days at the end...

    Bill was always a great guy - really genuine. There were some prima donnas and posers on that network, but Bill was always straight up...

  1. mdemaio says:

    I was an SNNer as well...unfortuntely, I made the move to NJ. Those were some tough days at the end...

    Bill was always a good guy - very genuine. There were a lot of prima donnas and posers on that network, but he was always straight up. Good luck, Bill...

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi guys
    I was Bill's director at SNN and a short term producer at the 4 letter. Glad to hear Bill has moved on to bigger and better.


  1. @Brownie - Do you miss working in TV, or have you found a new comfort zone in real estate?

  1. He can know be heard on Mad Dog Radio on Sirius 123 from 10a-2p, weekdays. Good to see he is back in sports talk.

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