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ESPN College GameDay: What Is With Lee Corso's Pencil?

Friday, September 26, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:26 PM, under , , ,

Athens, GA (Sept 26, 2008) - In a meeting with reporters this afternoon, one intrepid journalist asked Lee Corso what the deal is with the pencil he is always holding on the ESPN College GameDay show. The answer was simple and humorous.

"I am the Director of Business Development for the Dixon-Ticonderoga pencil company," said Corso. "So of course I am going to use the pencil on the show." I asked him if this was a paid product placement and he said with a laugh, "No, and since this is a live show, I can do what I want. What are they going to do about it?".

Lee Corso holds a Number 2 Dixon-Ticonderoga Pencil as he educates reporters.
Photograph Copyright 2008 by Eye On Sports Media/The Cayuga Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

But there was an interesting point he made about the pencil. "Of all the pencils out there, these are the only ones that don't reflect the show lighting, so it works very well." But how would people know that it is that brand of pencil? He pointed to the green bands at the top and said "These bands right here. They are a protected trademark of the pencils." Of course people would have to know this and look real closely at the pencil during the show to see them.

Who knew one could learn about pencil marketing in a conversation with Lee Corso? And if you ever wanted to know how pencils are manufactured, you can look at the slideshow on the Dixon-Ticonderoga web site. And no, this is not a paid product advertisement either.

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