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BBC America Offers Cure for Insomnia Tonight

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:47 PM, under

Athens, GA (Nov 4, 2008) - Election might in America is always so much fun to watch. ABC wins the charlie foxtrot award for the most annoying, unreadable graphics mashup of results. CNN has the cool holograms, though I keep expecting Robert "the Doctor" Picardo to pop up. Fox news is reporting results like they are at a funeral, and there is no sign of Sean Hannity as he is probably all balled up in a corner and crying. NBC is doing so-so OK, which is typical. Katie Couric on CBS? She still works for CBS?

But the worst of the worst? BBC World News America's coverage of the election. If you are watching it, you get to see what University of Virginia Political Science Professor Larry Sabato actually looks like. But oh my goodness (to borrow a phrase from Verne Lundquist), their production and the attendent production values make the worst locally produced PBS or Public Access show you could imagine look like a sure-fire national EMMYTM winner. Did they not even practice with their interactive whiteboards?

So if you have insomnia, turn the knob over to BBC America. You will be cured.

And CNN just projected Obama as the winner. OH WOW! OH WOW!

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