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"Eye on Sports Media" First Birthday Thoughts: The Favorite Articles

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:16 AM, under

Athens, GA (Nov 4, 2008) - It is an interesting feeling as this site celebrated its first birthday this past weekend. It was originally started as an experiment in search engine optimization (SEO) and as way to compare the Google blogger platform to the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino platform used to store and serve up content on my Business Controls Caddy blog. It is interesting how things can take on a life of their own.

So while we are furiously working on the second edition of the Men's College Basketball Television Schedule database, I thought it would be interesting in looking at what the top 10 articles posted on this site have been over the past year, the top Google searches that brought people to this site, as well as some original pieces I am most "proud of" (for want of a better term).

Thank you all for visiting and keep those comments, questions, suggestions and critiques coming!

The Favorite Articles/Posts

The best part of publishing site is when original content is published in long form, and people respond/react to it. Hopefully the reaction is positive, but it does not always have to be. A few of these articles actually were written before the actual site launch, but were reprinted because they really were responsible for the genesis of the site.

Southeastern Conference Media Staff Learns Important Lessons From Atlanta Tornado

The Southeastern Conference Men's Basketball Championship took a scary and weird turn last March. A tornado slammed downtown Atlanta, barely missing the georgia Dome. This article looked at the logistics and pains of moving the tournament to Georgia Tech, with no piad fans allowed in the doors.

Looking back At Texas Western NCAA Victory From a Different View

This interview with Raycom Basketball Analyst Larry Conley was actually a reprint of an article I had posted elsewhere. It was reposted here because it seemed so relevant to media topics discussed here and elsewhere. In this interview, Larry talks about the movie Glory Road, and how wrong the makers of the movie got the story from his perspective. The recent release of The Express, and all of the facts it got wrong (intentionally or accidentally), puts it in the same category of what Larry talks about in this interview.

A College Football Radio Legend Begins To Say Goodbye

This article is also a reprint of a story written and published elsewhere when University of Georgia Radio legend Larry Munson began to step into retirement by no longer calling road games. He almost made the article moot when he came back at the beginning of the current season. But his retirement after just 2 or 3 games this fall ended his storied career.

Does It Matter That Does Not Really Exist?

This article was published on Halloween of this year as we closed out the first year of this site. The article looks at new media branding and the challenges faced by CBS Sports as it continues its integration with the web site.

Dave Rowe Back In The Broadcast Booth After Beating Death

Hearing that former Oakland Raider and NBC Sports/Raycom Football Analyst Dave Rowe almost died from complications after Rotator cuff surgery in April of 2007 was stunning. Getting the chance to see him back in the booth at the beginning of the current football season was incredible. Having the chance to sit down and talk to him about his experience and recovery was priceless.

Top Ten Google Search Terms (as measured by Google Analytics)

You never know how people will get to a site. The top ranked search term is interesting because they all seem to come to same from the same person in Pennsylvania. This person searches on Google every time they want to visit the site, instead of bookmarking the site or adding the RSS feed.


Top Ten Articles/Posts (as measured by Google Analytics)

One of the challenges on a site like this is predicting what content will bring and retain readers. Besides these top ten stories, we get a large numbers of readers looking for what we have posted on curling and rodeo.

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10. Photos: ESPN2's Pam Ward and Nancy Lieberman at the University of Georgia

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