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FanFoodie: Catering to Sports Fans' Most Basic Needs

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:20 AM, under

Athens, GA (Nov 25, 2008) - The good folks that run the Hugging Harold Reynolds site have started a new venture that is quite interesting: For sports fans that travel, it helps feed the two most basic needs: good food and beer. The description for the site is the best way to describe it:

FanFoodie is for the frequent traveler who makes it a point to attend sporting events when on the road, and has a penchant for local cuisine. We tap some of the premiere locally-based sports bloggers on the web to offer their culinary tips and suggestions when rooting for the home team.

So if you ever find that you are visiting a sports town and want to hang out with the cool kids, be sure to bookmark this new and different site. In the interest of full disclosure, Eye on Sports Media has provided information on Athens, Georgia, and it was fun to write!

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